About us

Themas Closet is a fashion Brand that specialises in designing and making one of kind garments, for women, and men of all ages, and all shapes and sizes. Therefore since everything is made to order, I do not keep any stock of garments for sale. Themas Closet is a woman-owned business organized as a Sole Proprietorship.

Themas Closet provides services such as Made to order Garments, and Style Assessments. Themas Closet's innovative Style Assessment helps women and men develop their unique personal styles.

At Themas Closet I produce the made to order garments completely from start to finish, including fabric sourcing, sewing, individual figure pattern making, cutting, pressing, fittings and final finishes on the completed garment.


More about us

Themas Closet also specialises in made to order garments, for the more budget conscious, so if there is a budget that needs to be adhered to, I will do my best to stay within that budget. I design and produce all types of made to order clothing.

My aim is to make every woman and men feel unique in my designs. Themas Closet urges all its clients and potential clients to invest in a custom made closet, understanding that a lot of people cannot always find the perfect fit for their unique body shapes, and sizes.

Themas Closet was established in 2017 when Mmathema Moratho received her Qualification in Fashion Design from the Central University of Technology, Free State. All made to order garments produced by Themas Closet are manufactured in South Africa, at Emalahleni, Witbank.


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